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“Best Hamilton, NJ Dog Grooming for You and Your Precious Pooch!”

Beth’s Zoomin’ Groomin’, the premier in-home dog grooming service, is located in Central New Jersey.

We have been proudly servicing Mercer County, including Hamilton and surrounding areas, for more than a decade. In-home dog grooming is the most convenient way to keep your furry family member feeling and looking their best!

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Why Use Beth's Zoomin’ Groomin’ In-Home Pet Grooming Service?

For you, the owner:

The Ultimate
Convenience Service

We come to your home and groom your precious furry family member in the place they love the most...right at home!

Your Time is Valuable
No need to drive to the grooming shop, leaving your furry ‘baby’ for hours only to have to drive back to bring them back home! Think of how much time this saves you so you can get the most out of your busy day!

In-home dog grooming is the preferred choice of today’s
busy professionals

Our lives are hectic, filled with work, family responsibilities and obligations. Feel at ease knowing your pet is at home happy, safe, and being treated like royalty! You may even feel a little envious that your furry friend is de-stressing at the spa with a complimentary blueberry facial!

Professional and
Reliable Service

As a professional Hamilton dog groomer, Beth brings her experience and love of animals to each and every visit, and is well known for her kind and compassionate spirit. Clients have relied on Beth’s Zoomin’ Groomin’ for more than 10 years, to keep their pets looking and feeling
their best!

For your precious furry family member and your piece of mind:

  • One on One Service
    Your dog deserves one-on-one service and receives the finest of care and receives the undivided attention from their groomer. As we get to know each other, your dog and Beth develop and build a trusting relationship which leads to relaxed and comfortable grooming sessions for many years to come!
  • Less Stress and Anxiety
    Some dogs don’t tolerate car rides well. They can get upset or become nauseous and get sick in your car. Many dogs are scared, stressed, and anxious or agitated when in a noisy environment. A grooming shop may be full of barking, crying dogs and noisy dryers and grooming equipment.
  • Beth’s Zoomin’ Groomin’ NEVER uses crates!
    All dogs are carefully hand dried and never left alone or unattended!
  • Faster Service
    Your dog is groomed at the time of the appointment, no waiting until it’s ‘your turn’. Some dogs may spend 3-5 hours or longer at a grooming shop!

We will never compromise the safety and well-being of your pet or the quality of groom to rush to the next appointment! Your dog is given our full attention from start to finish regardless of how long it takes! We believe that this truly sets us apart from other dog groomers in Hamilton, NJ.

Every dog benefits
from in-home grooming:

Older Dogs in particular with painful arthritis or medical issues that make it difficult to stand for long periods of time will benefit from shorter in-home grooming sessions. Senior dogs can require special attention. If your dog needs to take a break and sit or lay down for a bit, we will happily work with them. Your dog’s comfort, well-being and safety are most important to us!

Tax and Maxi love their Hamilton, NJ dog groomers!

Puppies/Younger Dogs can be impatient and excitable. The quiet one-on-one grooming session makes for a positive, calm learning experience.